5 Ways to Make Money from IPL15 2022

  Indian Premier League (IPL) is the most famous and the wealthiest T20 Cricket tournament in the world.  It has billions of subscribers, billions of viewers and there are more than thousands earning from IPL.  The brand value of the IPL in 2019 was close to $6.2 Billion, and as per the BCCI reports published in year 2015, 2015 IPL Season contributed $150 Million.

The 2020 IPL season set a massive viewership record with 31.57 million average impressions and the overall consumption increase of 23% from 2019 season, Covid 19 pandemic was the reason as many countries like India were under lockdown therefore this increased the home viewers in 2020 season.

The wait is over now, IPL 2022 is starting on 26th March 2022, and like you everyone is eagerly waiting for this IPL15 season.  The first match of the 15th season is between last time 2021 winner Chennai Super Kings and the runner-ups Kolkata Knight Riders

But are you aware that you can earn a lot from these IPL season, you don’t need to be on the ground like IPL players or IPL Team owners, you can be a spectator and earn millions from IPL that to 100% free.  Let us check out some of the legitimate ways from which you can earn easy money daily.

1. Play IPL Fantasy leagues

IPL Fantasy leagues are like any normal sports league; the only difference is that this is only for T20 cricket tournaments.  In such league you need to just create your own Virtual team by selecting 11 players who will be playing the matches, and if your team players performance is good in the match you earn points, the highest point earner will win cash prize, prizes can be in hundreds, thousands and millions of dollars.

To play such leagues, you need to pay the entry fee is very nominal like $1 or $5.  Every season you will see lot of people earning in millions and such kind of leagues can be played during the spare time or on weekends.  Games rules are very simple and clear so that anyone can play and earn (the user should be at least 18 years of age as the same is verified).  This is one of the best and the easiest way to earn from IPL.

Dream11 is the official IPL T20 fantasy league launched by IPL in 2008.  As on year 2014, Dream11 reported 1 million registered users , which grew to 2 million in 2016 and to 45 million in 2018.  Dream11 not only has cricket, it has gaming platform for multiple sports like Football, Basketball, Kabaddi, Hockey, Volleyball, Handball and Baseball.

2. Write Articles, Blogs and Posts on IPL

The fan following of IPL is humongous, Bloggers are earning in millions if they write blogs and posts on IPL as they get massive traffic on their blogs.  Write articles on IPL facts and myths, personal life of IPL Players, IPL Auctions, IPL players wife’s and girlfriend, and other interesting facts of IPL which are in trend.

Use relevant hashtags and keywords to get more organic traffic.  Publish data on IPL schedule, Players statistics, IPL records, match reviews and highlights; these are some of the trending topic in IPL which normally people watch.  If you are not a blogger but planning to create and publish a blog websites on IPL, I would recommend buying domain with consist IPL word in the domain name. 

Also, be consistent and blog everyday.

IPL season lasts for just 2-3 months; it starts in end of March and finishes in the end of May.  These are the months where you will get huge traffic which you can convert it to the earnings.

3. Sell IPL Accessories

What are IPL Accessories?  IPL accessories can be a printed IPL Tshirts, Jersey, Mugs, Bracelet, IPL Caps, IPL Watches and IPL Shoes.  The most trending accessory these days are the printed IPL Masks, these are in huge demands.  Become an Amazon Affiliate partner and start selling these IPL accessories.

This IPL 15 season has 10 teams, so you have a chance to sell accessories of 10 different teams.

  1. Chennai Super Kings
  2. Delhi Capitals
  3. Gujrat Titans
  4. Kolkata Knight Riders
  5. Lucknow Super Giants
  6. Mumbai Indians
  7. Punjab Kings
  8. Rajasthan Royals
  9. Royal Challengers Bangalore
  10. Sunriser Hyderabad

4. Create your own Fantasy League App

I have already mentioned about the famous IPL Fantasy league app Dream11, this app has generated a huge income.  Create a similar app like Dream11, use the same concept and logic and market it.  You will definitely mint good money from such apps. 

There are many such websites which can create a similar app, below are some of these companies which you can refer.


SemiDot Infotech

Appinop Technologies


5. Create your own Youtube Channel of IPL

Earning from Youtube is the easiest and safest method, creating a Youtube channel is absolutely free.  One can monetized their Youtube Channel if it completes 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers.   Do check out my blog on how to start and earn from Youtube Channel .

Now if you are done with the creation of your Youtube Channel, what videos will you upload?

Record highlights of previous day’s match, customized it, make it shorter and upload it.  Please ensure you do violate the Youtube Community standards and policies or else you will be barred from Youtube, your Youtube channel might also get deleted.  Apart from match highlights, upload video related to IPL news, IPL parties and stories related to IPL which are eye catching and can attract a huge user base.  Like blogging, be consistent and upload unique and rich video daily.

Final Remarks

IPL is really a good source of income if it is used smartly and efficiently.  I have few friends of mine who are earning more than $5k-$10k during the IPL season which lasts for just 2-3 months.

Do check out my blogs and website if you want to learn and earn Online Money and Passive Income.


How can I earn from IPL?

You can earn money by making a IPL site, IPL blog site, IPL Fantasy leagues games, Creating IPL YouTube Video Channel and Selling IPL Merchandise.


What is the best way to earn money?

Start a Blog.

Affiliate Marketing.

Content writing jobs.

Freelancing jobs.

Translation jobs.

Virtual assistant.

Travel Agent.

Sell Digital Products.

Which platform makes the best money?

Good Adsense.








How much IPL earns every year?

The brand value of IPL in 2019 was close to US$6.2 Billion.  According to BCCI, the 2015 IPL season contributed US$150 billion to the GDP of the Indian economy.