Best Alternative of Amazon Affiliate

From past 15 years amazon affiliate is the king of affiliate marketing across all countries.  But now there are some more alternative which are much better than amazon as the profit margin is better than amaon.  The commission are more attractive and one can easily earn around $100 in a day.  Some of the alternatives are;

  • eBay
  • cCommission
  • Optimise
  • Godaddy
  • MaxBounty

In this Blog, we will look into eBay which comes in second after amazon affiliate.

Affiliate marketing is a referral program where sites pay commissions to affiliates who send traffic to their site that results in a sale.

In eBay Affiliate marketing, eBay’s partners send their users to shop the eBay global marketplace. A percentage of those users will likely buy something after being referred to our site. And, once they do, our partner gets credit for that sale.


What is an affiliate network?

An affiliate network serves as the intermediary between traffic partners (affiliates) and commerce sites. Unlike many other retailer affiliate programs, eBay manages its own affiliate network, giving us the unique ability to provide partners with the tools, reports, and resources they need to succeed.


A Brief History of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the earliest forms of performance-based online marketing. In the 90s, at the dawn of the modern Internet, organizations and individuals began creating websites and content. Once search engines made it easier to find and navigate this content, marketing changed forever.

As the world spent more of its time and money online, marketers invented ways to leverage this communication channel, and opportunities for partnerships between website owners began. Content creators developed new ways to monetize their sites, including how to get paid for the exposure they gave merchants in the form of site visitors. Merchants learned how to reach new audiences, but also to pay content creators only when their exposure turned into actual sales.

Online advertising also changed during this time, shifting from businesses paying for a fixed number of ad impressions to models that emphasized higher quality, measurable results.

Each of these events led to the modern state of affiliate marketing.


How do affiliates earn money?

Affiliates can be compensated in many ways from commissions on the sale of goods and flat fees paid for the completion of a form, to bonuses paid on the types of visitors you send. Each partnership is different in terms of payout structure and rates


How does affiliate tracking work?

To track the activity and effectiveness of affiliate marketing, you need two things: an affiliate link and a cookie.

When you promote or send traffic to eBay, you’ll use an affiliate link. An affiliate link includes a unique ID that we call a campaign ID. When someone clicks on your affiliate link, the Campaign ID gets stored in a browser cookie on that user’s computer or mobile device. The cookie contains several pieces of information to help us track their eBay shopping activity after they click your link.

Why to choose eBay?

There are more than 183 Millions buyers in a span of 190 markets worldwide.  1.4 Billions listings at any one time, 72% of products shipped are for free, 63% of transactions touch mobile and 100% gurantee on luxury goods with eBay authenticate.  Trusted global brands sell on eBay like addidas, asus, crocs, reebok, philips and many more international brands.

What make eBay unique?

World’s favorite destination

eBay’s mission is to be the global hub for discovering great value and unique selection. This is why eBay is where the world goes to both buy and sell.


Data to drive and optimize

Because we work with sellers, rather than compete with them, we ensure you have the data and insights you need to fuel your growth.


Everyday or one-of-a-kind, we have it

Whether people want to buy new or used, plain or luxurious, commonplace or rare, trendy or one-of-a-kind – if it exists in the world, you can find it on eBay.

Quick start guide of eBay

In the eBay Partner Network portal, there are two types of reports available: Performance and Transaction Detail.
Performance reports are broken down across various predefined views, including:
  • Performance By Day
  • Performance By Category
  • Performance By Month
  • Performance By Campaign
  • Performance By Checkout Site
  • Performance By Tool
  • Performance By Custom ID
  • Performance By Top Selling Items

The Transaction Detail report is the most comprehensive view of all partner activity, with additional options to filter results. All reports in the portal can be viewed online, emailed, downloaded, or accessed via API. Emailed reports can be sent immediately or scheduled to be delivered on a regular cadence. The emails and downloads can provide Excel, CSV or PDF versions of the report data. You can access the various delivery methods using the icons at the top right of any reports page.

Payment information

In order for us to be able to pay out your earnings, you need to provide the appropriate payment details.

You can update your payment settings by:

1- Click on the three dots at the bottom left of the dashboard
2- Click on “Settings”
3- Scroll down and click on “Withdrawal Settings”

You will have two options for how to be paid:

1- Electronic Funds Transfer. You’ll have to provide the appropriate bank details (account number, routing/ABA number, etc.)

2- PayPayl. You’ll have to provide the email address associated with the PayPal account you want to use.

Note that some options (such as an electronic funds transfer to a bank not in the country where your account is registered) will incur some additional costs.

We pay partners once a month for the month before the previous month’s activity, if the balance is greater than 10 of your chosen currency. Payments are dispersed on or around the 10th of each month.

Sign up on eBay affiliate marketing.


Final Words

If you are thinking of an amazon affiliate than eBay is the best option.  It has all what amazon haves.  My suggestion is to join eBay as soon as possible and register yourself as an affiliate marketer; if you further delay it then the situation will be the same like amazon.

Do revert with your feedback, recommendation and suggestion on below email id.


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