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Ways to Make Money From Home | Surveys for Money

The Best Way to Earn Online Money

If you search in internet about online earning methods and the ways to earn, you will find hundred and thousands of answers.  Some are fake, whereas few are real and legit.  Some are paid websites, some are free and for some you need to invest a lot of time. 

In this blog, I will show and brief you the best way of earning online money and Passive IncomeThis method is 100% free and legit.  In fact, I have a very good experience with this method and from past 2 years, I have been earning $280 on an average per month.

This method is called Ysense, Ysense is a website in which one has to fill and submit surveys, carry out tasks, complete offers, shopping and do a little affiliate marketing.  That is it; you can now start earning dollars every day.  

Most of you must be thinking whether Ysense is real or fake, it is 100% legit.

You cannot become a Millionaire from Ysense, but you can earn a decent amount of income.  There are people who are earning 2k-4k$ in a month, by just spending 1-2 hours daily on Ysense.

The earlier name of Ysense was Clixsense, it was officially changed on July 31, 2019.

It is an US based company established in year 2005.

As stated earlier, the website provides different ways of earning online money.  Ysense has micro tasks, surveys, affiliate marketing and promotional offers.  So, let us list out some of the best ways of earning money from Ysense.  

As per the latest reports from Surveypolice, Ysense has more than 7 million users and they have issued claims of $39 Million dollars.

Online Surveys

Every week your account will be filled with online surveys, one has to participate in these surveys.  Most surveys pay instantly but some surveys might take up to 30 days, this means you can get your money after 30 days, if your survey has been completed.  

Surveys varies as per the difficulty and time, a simple survey can get you $0.05, if a survey is complex and long, you can even earn $2 – $5.  

Your survey sessions are to be kept strictly confidential and you cannot share with anyone any of its content, including texts, images, videos and your answers. This also means that you cannot show others what answers to give that may help them qualify, through any method (e.g. videos, forums, articles, chats, etc).

Most of the surveys are related to your profile, for example if you are in business, the surveys, which you will receive, will be related to Business. 

For every approved survey, tasks and offers, your referral completes, you will earn a flat 20% commission of that they earn.

Online Tasks

Tasks are some steps or set of instructions, which you have to follow and accordingly take actions.  Some tasks are simple and for some you have to do lot of work to complete.

Ysense has tied up with Appen, appen provides online task and activities through which one gets paid.  If it is a lengthy and complex task, one can take an hour to complete, please make a note that if the tasks are very tough and difficult to complete, such tasks have a higher value.

If you want to know more about Appen, click here.

On the homepage of ysense, you will view complete details like the job ID, Job title, level, pay / task, # of tasks and rating.  For each $50 worth of tasks that you complete, you will earn a $5 Bonus. We also pay a 20% commission to sponsors on all tasks completed by their referrals.

If you experience any difficulties related to a specific task, please contact Figure Eight directly by clicking on Help -> File a Ticket at the top of the task in question. You should also visit their Support Center for any other issues.

Offers / Rewards

Offers are paid advertisements of big international brands like Godaddy, Casumo, Zenmate, Surfeasy and many more.  One has to complete offers listed by these big brands.


Ranges of such offers are from $1 – $100, this is the best way to earn a good amount of real money from Ysense.

Ysense Affiliate Program

Ysense also runs a very good affiliate program, which is very profitable.  Earn up to 30% recurring commissions on what your referrals make.

To make it simpler, check below.

  • For each referral that becomes active, you will earn a signup commission of $0.10 or $0.30.
  • Once your referrals earn their first $5, you will earn an extra $2, which will be your bonus.

One good thing about Ysense referral is that there is no limit.  You can have thousands and millions of referrals.  Moreover, if your account is having $10, you can go ahead and withdraw it into your paypal account.  Ysense also support other payment gateways like Payoneer, Skrill, gift cards.

For a complete review on ysense, please click here.



You can definitely take Ysense as a part-time opportunity, but if you are very serious about making money online, then you need to spend at least 4-5 hours daily on Ysense.

I have received good feedback from my viewers and subscribers on Ysense and therefore there is no harm in trying, you never know this can also become your full-time job.