Top Secret Websites that can make you Rich

No investment, Nothing to pay, and 100% free. There are few websites through which you can make easy money, at least $10-$20 per hour. So, if you work for 5 hours on your weekend (Saturday and Sunday), you can make $100, eventually, you will be making $400 in a month, considering there are 8 weekend holidays.

These websites which I will be disclosing are very easy and simple. You don’t need some extra skills to work on it. Just access these websites in your spare time, and start your earning.

Also, most of them don’t know much about these websites.

100% legit and real, the reviews of these websites are also good, so no loopholes and nothing to hide. Make online money from day one, and start your passive income today.

Websites that pay you real money

1. PlayTestCloud

Playtestcloud is a website where online games are tested, this website provides access to gamers from the top mobile gaming countries like the US, Canada, India, and the UK.

From hard-coded gamers to casual gamers, this website targets audiences from all countries.

This website helps Game developers to learn more about what the players think about the games, and also find out what are the ongoing issues in the game, and if there are any bugs. what is the user experience, is there some slowness, is the game responding, compatibility check, etc. All these features are tested in detail.

How do I Earn from PlayTestCloud?

To earn money from PlaytestCloud, you will have to become a tester.

Click here to sign up, and pass the qualification test. The test will teach you to how to test the online game, even if you fail you can retake the test. Once you qualify, the website will allow you to test games and earn money.

A 15-minute game testing can earn you $9-$10 daily. During the testing, the website will record all your actions, and your voice as a microphone should be enabled. If by any chance your laptop machine stops or you get a call on your mobile phone, the entire test gets suspended and you do not get paid anything.

Also, please make a note that you can only speak in the English language, no other languages are accepted.

Payments are done via PayPal, one should wait for a few days for their payment as the payment process takes 3-4 days to process your payment.

2. UserTesting

This is another site where testing is carried out, and this testing is done by real users. The testing can be of an interface, function, website, application, product, or service. The purpose of this testing is to evaluate the user experience and to finalize if the product or website is ready to be launched for real users.

How to make money from UserTesting?

You will have to become a tester if you want to earn real money in your spare time. 

Click here to sign up, fill in your details, and complete the registration process. One has to also pass a test, which is very key in the qualification criteria.

Test the products and websites that are given to you, share the results, and get rewarded for the different types of tests which you do.

Please ensure you meet the device requirement before you start your test, testing can be carried out on your windows machines, Mac OS, iOS devices, and Android. Payment is done via PayPal. Payments for completed tests are sent after 7 days.

3. Foap

Foap is a website that sells your photo and video. There are many companies and small firms who are looking for images that are different and unique, these images they use to advertise and promote their products and services, in short, they use them commercially.

Apart from their websites, they also have an iOS app and an android App.

One has to simply upload your photos and videos on Foap. If there is any brand company that purchases your photo through Foap, foap will share the profit with you 50/50. So, this means if your photos or image was purchased for $8, $4 will be paid to you and the remaining $4 Foap will keep it.

There are also various missions in Foap, if your photo or video is selected in that mission you can even win hundreds of dollars.

there are close to 3 million people who are earning from Foap by just selling their photos and videos. 

Below are some of the brands which are associated with Foap.

4. BrandedSurveys

BrandedSurveys is a survey-based website where you can convert collected points into real money.

There are many brands and big companies which take help from surveys to promote, advertise and understand their user’s requirements and needs by rolling out surveys.

Such companies take help from BrandedSurveys.

Click here to sign up with BrandSurveys, fill out the registration form, and complete your profile.

Once you are done with the registration process, you will start getting a survey that matches your profile. If you are from a finance background, you will get a survey related to stocks, shares, money management, etc. 

For each survey that you complete, you will be awarded points. You can redeem these points for real money and rewards once you have collected 500 points.
500 points are worth $5. Payment is through PayPal, Gift cards, and Tango and payment processing may take 1-2 days. If you are a gold and silver member, the payout is instant.

One more way of earning through BrandedSurvey is through referral. You earn additional points if someone joins from your referral link.

An additional 50 points will be rewarded to you if someone takes the Silver and Gold Membership through your referral link.

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