How to Earn Money from Youtube Shorts

Would you like watching a short video or a long video?  More than 90% of people would prefer watching a short video which is of few seconds rather than watching a 30-45 minutes of video.  In today’s fast growing life there is no space for patience as no one has time, everyone wants things to be fast.  If someone is looking for some results or some kind of solution in Google or YouTube and if he finds the solution in a YouTube video which is less than a minute, then would he watch a video which is more than 45 minute long?

No, he will look out for a video which is very short!

You, me and everyone would prefer watching a simple and short video.  But this short video concept is not new for us, we already have Instagram Reels, TikTok videos and Google Web stories already available.  Except Web stories, which is comparatively new, Instagram Reels and TikTok are a huge success.  There are billions of people who love watching such short videos.

People have now started making and promoting short videos.

Introduction to #YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts initially released as a beta in India in September 2020, following India’s ban to Tiktok.  In March 2021, it was also released as a beta in the United States.  In July 2021, it was finally released in rest of the countries.

To break the market of Instagram and TikTok, YouTube introduced YouTube Shorts.  Now anyone can create, edit and share short videos using YouTube shorts.  Make funny, dancing, singing, workout, playing, etc and all types of shorts videos from your phone or Tab.

Shorts videos are 60 seconds or less then in length.  Shorts lets you shoot and share vertical videos from the camera of your phone.  You need to just record a video and add #shorts in the title, this is an indication or a sign that this is a YouTube shorts video.  You can add sample songs, audio clips from the YouTube library, the same way a normal YouTube video is created.

How to Earn Money from YouTube Shorts

Through YouTube Shorts Fund – In May 2021, YouTube announced the YouTube Shorts Fund, a system in which the top shorts creator could be paid.  It’s a way YouTube is monetizing the shorts video, close to $100M fund was distributed over the course of 2021-2022. YouTube Shorts fund is similar to TikTok’s $1 billion fund.  But it seems the YouTube Shorts fund is just a short gap for the monetization, YouTube Shorts is also looking out other ways of monetization. 

When the YouTube Shorts funds were released, YouTube invited over 3000 creators to claim the money, from $100 to $10,000 a month.

Apart from the fund, anyone can earn money from these shorts video using the regular YouTube monetization of placing ads.  So if someone is watching your shorts video and he views the ads on your video, you will be earned by few dollars.

Advantages of YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts is already a hit in many countries, more and more people are creating and viewing shorts video.  By the end of year 2021, YouTube Shorts was generating over 15 billion global views, more than 6.5 billion in March 2021.  Let us check out some of the advantages of using YouTube Shorts Video.

Very Easy to Create Videos

It is very easy and simple to create and upload a YouTube shorts video.  These videos can be uploaded using the YouTube Application installed in your computer or on your mobile, of if you do not have a YouTube app you can use the web version of YouTube.  One has to just tap the record button to record the video and that’s it you video is ready to upload. 

It takes few minutes to create a simple YouTube shorts video, in one hour you can easily create and upload more than 5 videos, thus saving lot of time.

Using Your Phone

Since Shorts videos are of just few seconds, shorts video can be recorded and uploaded from the phone.   This means you do not need a laptop or a computer to create and upload a video.  Neither you require an editing tool to create such shorts video.

More Views and More Subscribers

Since shorts can be viewed in few seconds, one can gain more views and can reach to a larger audience.  This will automatically increase your views and tend to increase more subscribers.  This is a valid reason why shorts videos are gaining more popularity than the normal YouTube videos.

No Burning of your Wallet

Since shorts videos are very small you do not require heavy and expensive software to edit videos, neither you require any editing software to edit the audio.  You can add your own voice and own video to create shorts.  As per the market leaders and digital marketers, if your shorts video is shot in a natural way, there are higher chances to get more views and subscribers.

Therefore, it is totally free to create YouTube Shorts video.

Though there are many advantages of shorts video over the normal YouTube videos , there are some drawbacks which everyone should be aware of!

Drawbacks of Youtube Shorts

  1. Very high competition

Since there are millions of people creating and uploading YouTube Shorts Video, there is a huge competition.  Your shorts video will only rank if it is unique, rich and catchy.  Moreover, it is very tough to make a shorts video viral.

  1. Time Limitations

For some video creators 60 second is less as they are unable to explain things in such a short time.  They require at least 2 to 3 minutes to explain it, so for them shorts videos are not applicable.  Also, since you have only 60 seconds the video becomes very complex.

  1. Difficult to Monetize

As compared to normal YouTube videos, shorts videos are difficult to monetize.  To make money through the Google Adsense program, you need lengthy YouTube videos.  In many cases you shorts video will generate millions of views but less subscribers.


YouTube shorts video is pretty new as it just 1 year old, but it is gaining a lot of popularity and has become famous in most of the countries.  But shorts has reached out to everyone since these are short and simple.  It will take some more time to understand the pros and cons of shorts video.

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Can YouTube pay for YouTube Shorts?

YouTube launches a fund of $100 million in India and other countries to reward creators every month. There is no monetization option. However, creators can earn between $100 and $10,000 per month depending on the views and engagement rates on their original content.

How long can YouTube Shorts be in 2022?

You can record up to 60 seconds long YouTube Shorts. Also, you can choose the time limit of 15 seconds if you need a shorter time to record a video.

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