Top CPA Affiliate Marketing Websites to Earn Money

Affiliate marketing is the second best passive income source after blogging, and you very well know that affiliate marketing doesn’t require any capital investment. Moreover, you have to just work for a few hours if you want to earn a good income through affiliate marketing.

No matter what’s your age, everyone can mint a few dollars from affiliate marketing.

But what is CPA affiliate marketing?

Before, let us understand what is CPA.

The full form of CPA is Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition.

It is a kind of Affiliate Marketing platform which pays some kind of commission if you do some sort of action. There will be some set of tasks that you have to complete to get the commissions.

The tasks can be;

The CPA Affiliate Marketing is growing drastically, couple of years back there were only a few websites that were offering CPA Affiliate Marketing, but now there are hundreds of websites.

Difference between Affiliate Marketing and CPA Affiliate Marketing

CPA Affiliate marketing is a type of affiliate marketing. There are only a few differences between CPA Affiliate Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. In Affiliate Marketing you have to sell some products or services, only then will you get some commission. For example, if you are an Amazon Affiliate marketer, you will be paid if someone purchases some products from your affiliate marketing link.

Whereas in CPA Affiliate Marketing you get a commission when someone from your leads or references completes some action, you do not have to sell any products.

How does the CPA Affiliate Marketing model Work?

Well, it is very easy to participate or be a CPA Affiliate Marketer. In fact, CPA Affiliate marketing is much better and simple if you compare it with normal Affiliate Marketing.

  1. Sign up on any CPA Affiliate Marketing Websites (Below I will disclose some of the CPA Affiliate marketing websites).
  2. Once you are a member of any CPA site, you will be able to see CPA offers which you will have to advertise and promote to earn commissions.
  3. To promote these CPAs, you might create a landing page, or share the CPA offers on social networking sites, or on your blogs.
  4. When any end user visits your affiliate link, they will be re-directed to the offer.
  5. You will earn the commission if the task mentioned in the offer is completed successfully. Offers could be signing up on some website, completing a survey, etc.

Benefits of CPA Affiliate Marketing over Affiliate Marketing

  1. CPA Affiliate Marketing is still new; it is still not saturated like Affiliate Marketing. Therefore, you have a better chance of earning if you do CPA Affiliate marketing.
  2. CPA Affiliate marketing is fast and straightforward. Since there are no products to promote, you do not have to mention the features and specifications of the products.
  3. Unlike Affiliate Marketing where your commissions are reversed if your product or services is returned, this is not in the case of CPA Affiliate Marketing.
  4. ROI of CPA Affiliate marketing is better than Affiliate Marketing.
  5. There is a clear segregation of CPA Offers as per the geographical locations. For example, if you want to see only CPA offers of countries like the USA, Canada, or India, you can filter out these locations.
  6. CPA offers cover a variety of niches, unlike Affiliate Marketing which has limited products to promote and advertise.

Now, let us check out some of the CPA Affiliate marketing sites which you can use to promote. CPA Affiliate marketing websites are few, not like Affiliate Marketing sites which are in thousands.






CPAGrip is the top leader in the Affiliate Marketing industry. They started their operations in the year 2013. At present they have more than 2000+ incentive offers, they have a dedicated support team to resolve your queries, they have professional technicians, and an Offer Wall on which you will see the latest and most popular offers.

CPAGrip is a house of Monetization tools, these tools will help you to show the best offers as per your geographic location. Below are some of the tools available in CPAGrip.

Content locker

URL Locker

Video Locker

Offer Walls

Virtual Currency

Click here to register with CPAGrip.


CPALead is another leading CPA Advertising Affiliate Marketing Website. CPALead started their operations in the year 2006. Till date, CPALead has paid over $100,000,000 to mobile app and website developers in over 180 countries.

As per the latest reports, CPAlead is the #1 CPA and CPI marketplace.

The Referral Program of CPAlead is very attractive, Refer your friend and earn a 10% bonus from their earnings. CPAlead not only provides commission, but also provide rewards like trophies, iPads, T-shirts, and medallions.

Like CPAGrip, CPAlead also has a few tools that can help you in promoting and advertising your CPA Offers.

Click here to sign up for CPALead.


OfferVault founded in the year 2009, Offervault is the internet’s best resource for affiliate marketers to find affiliate offers. The CPA offers in OfferVault are very good and provide a good commission rate.

Click here to sign up for OfferVault.


MaxBounty is another world-leading performance-based CPA network that specializes in maximizing the ROI of both advertisers and Affiliates.

It has more than 2000+ active campaigns, and you can get weekly payments along with performance bonuses. Affiliates are paid through various payment methods like Intercash, eCheck, ACH, Paypal, and Wire.

There are over 25,000 Affiliates across the globe who are connected with MaxBounty.

Click here to register with MaxBounty.

How will you promote CPA Affiliate Offers?

Well, there are many ways to promote CPA Affiliate Offers, in fact, you can use the same methods the way you promote and advertise Affiliate products and services.


Create a Landing Page

This is the best method to promote CPA offers. Create an appealing, and attractive landing page that can attract customers and visitors to your offers. Google Sites can be used to create a landing page if you do not want to spend money on buying some software or app, as Google Sites are 100% free. is also one such website, through which you can create an awesome landing page. Offers on the landing page should be written in BOLD fonts, use images and videos to make it more attractive.

Email Marketing

This is the second best method to promote any Affiliate products or CPA offers, and this is the most widely used method across all countries. Also, the success rate is also better than any other source. But, you need to be extra cautious when you are sending emails, it should not look spammy.

Use CPA Offers on Blog

This method also provides a good success ratio. If you have a blog or a post, insert your CPA Offers in your post, and promote your blogs on social media sites, forums, and as a guest post. For some CPA offers, you cannot promote them directly on social networking sites, therefore here blogs play an important role in promoting and advertising CPA offers

Final Remarks

Overall, CPA Affiliate marketing is much better than Affiliate marketing if you want to earn quick and easy money. Also, since CPA affiliate marketing is simple and quick, in a day you can promote more than 20-30 CPA offers and can earn a few hundred dollars every day.

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