Fastest Way To get 10k Views on Your Youtube Video

Are you a Youtuber who is struggling to grow your Youtube channel, you have tried several ways and methods but still not getting enough views?

Like you, there are many Youtubers who are stressed out because their Youtube channel is not growing and therefore they are not earning.

You very well know that Youtube is a very good platform to earn online money and passive income, and in fact, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.  As per the latest report, Youtube processes more than 3 Billion searches in a month, this is huge! 

In early year 2022, there were more than 51 million Youtube channels in the world and there are many across the world who are creating Youtube channel so that they can earn a good amount of money.  In the coming years, each and every home will have a youtuber.

As per the new Youtube monetization rules,

  1. Your channel should have at least 1,000 subscribers.
  2. You should have at least 4,000 valid public watch hours over the last 12 months.
  3. You live in a country where the Youtube Partner program.
  4. And, You should have a Google Adsense account linked to your Youtube Channel.

The most challenging part for a Youtuber is the watch hours, unless and until your videos have thousands and millions of view, your watch hours will not increase.  Below are some of the factors and protocols which if you follow properly, can grow your Youtube channel instantly.

  1. Create unique content which is rich and legit, with good quality video.
  2. Your channel banner, channel logo, channel description and channel name should be appealing so that it attracts more and more users.
  3. Thumbnail of each and every video should be eye-catching and effective.
  4. Promote and advertise your video and video channel on social media platforms.
  5. Use the right keywords and hashtags.
  6. Set proper SEO so that your videos can appear in Google and Youtube search.

If you follow all above protocols, but still not getting views on your videos, then you should look out for some other way, not a paid one but a free one.

Well, there is a free method through that you can generate 10,000 views or even more than that.  Since it’s free, you do not have to burn your pockets and it’s so simple that you can implement it very easily.

Mercury from StreamElements

StreamElements is a platform for streamers; it has tools that can enhance your stream.  StreamElements launched Mercury, Mercury is a set of tools to make your Youtube channel more dynamic and engaging.  Mercury is basically for Content Creators and Youtubers who wants to grow their channels.

Joining Mercury is very simple, you can signup and login with your gmail account.  Click here to signup with mercury.

Dynamic Descriptions

Using Mercury you can add description to all your videos with just a single click and grow your channel rapidly.  Dynamic descriptions are not the same like your usual descriptions; these are different, attractive, smart and very eye-catching.

Dynamic Thumbnails

Thumbnails plays an important role in increasing the views on your Youtube Video.  With Dynamic Thumbnails, you can make your video thumbnail stand out with live updates of your goals and messaging.  Same like descriptions; with just one click you can apply the dynamic thumbnails.

Real-time Polls

Real-time polls is a unique feature of Mercury that you will not find in other tools and applications.  You can add real-time polls on your video description.  Most of the people love participating in polls, therefore this feature can generate a lot of views on your video.

On-screen Shoutouts

Using this feature, you can make your pre-recorded videos more rewarding.  You can thank your fans for joining, subbing, supporting or sending some gifts.  Again, this feature you will hardly find in any tool or application.

There are many who have either increased their subscribers or gained thousands and million views.  I used mercury for one of my Youtube channel, there were many videos on which I received more than 10k views in a single day.  Some even get more than 10k views, and this is true.

AntVenom – 3M+ Subscribers

Rodey Bros – 570k+ Subscribers

Painful – 800k+ Subscribers

Forrestbono – 1.6m+ Subscribers

Above are some of the live Youtube channels who are using Mercury to increase their subscribers and views, all are happy, satisfied and have appreciated mercury for growing their youtube channel.

Dashboard of Mercury is also very cool, you can track and monitor your Subscribers, Views, Engagement, Watch time (Hours), Poll Votes and Members.  Moreover, you can also connect to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok followers and grow your community.

So, what are our waiting for?  Hurry up and signup with Mercury and surge your views on your videos.


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1. How to get your first 10k views on Youtube?

Use social media platforms.

Create rich content and quality video.

Add right keywords and hashtags.

Your Youtube channel, logo, description and banner should be eye-catching.

User attractive Thumbnails.

2. How can I trick my Youtube video to get more views?

Use Mercury from Streamelements, ,visit blogs.

3. Is 10k views a lot on Youtube?

It is great for a new Youtuber but for professional Youtuber who are making videos from past several years, it is just normal.

4. How much is 1m views on Youtube?

1million views are close to $2000 – $3000.

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