Shortcut to Success in 2023!

When I started my career, I always wanted to become a successful person.  I used to daily search topics on “Road to success”, “How to become successful” and “how to get success in life“.  

Success is the progressive realization of a worthwhile goal.  Many of us have success in a part of our lives but not in other parts. Some have great business success but have poor relationships. Others have a great marriage but experience poverty.

I know people who have never been on a vacation or seen any of the amazing beauty in our world while others travel and engage with people in other cultures. 

Today, I find many people who express the same feeling of dissatisfaction with the traditional approach. This is why I have written this blog to give you tools to get through your life without being unnecessarily dependent upon others all the time. We often need help and advice, but we must learn to be more independent and responsible for ourselves.

Several people have told me that there is no shortcut to success. 

They say that you have to learn from your mistakes and failures until you gain enough wisdom to gradually piece together your dominating thoughts into the things that you desire. This is true; however, is it not also true that if we had learned some secrets earlier in our lives we could have and probably would have gone around some of those obstacles and avoided a lot of pain and loss?

In the first chapter, I will begin the process of teaching you the steps to think correctly so you, too, can create an amazing life easier, sooner, and with joy. 

There are three steps for success, 

1) Change the memories of your past,

2) Clarify your goal and desires, and 

3) Think correctly from the future.

Change the memories of your past

The first step in the formula for creating an amazing life involves becoming aware of:

• our current mental and emotional state,
• the words we use to describe our life situation, and
• memories of past events that are still negatively affecting our life today.
The process to implement the first step in the formula includes:
• tools to release past emotions,
• various methods to revise the memory of negative past events,
• ways to perform mental house cleaning to remove the mind viruses, and
• the use of natural remedies to assist change.

Once you begin this process of making your life better, be sure to continue it. Any attempt to change is usually accompanied by anxiety or even fear. Therefore, the formula requires that we begin by simply acknowledging that there might be—and probably are—thoughts and memories that are causing us to be stuck in the past, experiencing an average life.

As you become aware and decide to change the memories of past traumatic events, you will need to create a timeline of your past. This is a list of memories of events and people associated with those events that are holding you back and keeping you from creating the life you desire.

But, before I relate more about this timeline of past traumatic events, please be aware that good things from the past also affect our lives.  Likewise, as you create your timeline of traumatic past events, you might also make notes about positive events that happened in your past. 

That positive list isn’t the focus of this exercise now because we are, instead, emphasizing how to rid ourselves of the memories of past traumatic events. But later, as you move into the state of conscious competence, you might look at that list of good things that happened to you in order to build competence and confidence.

Now think about your past. List the memories, without reliving the trauma, of as many past unpleasant events as you can. Do not write lengthy descriptions. Just write a word or two to help you identify it. Your timeline might include:

1. Grief, Loss, Broken Attachment of Any Kind.

This can be the death of a family member or a favorite pet. It could be the loss of a job or missed opportunity. I know a couple who built their own log home. They cut and peeled and cured and notched all the logs by hand themselves. It took over three years to build that house. A few months after completion, a faulty appliance started a fire and burned the home to the ground. Neither has been well since.

2. Lost Love, Real or Imagined, Loss of Romantic Relationship.

This is somewhat like grief; however, subtly different. It has to do with loss of a romantic, sexual relationship. This can be real, actually being dumped by a soul mate, or it can be imagined. “Brandi,” a teenage patient, was in love with a rock star in a band that she had never seen live. She had all his music and paraphernalia. She had never met the man in person. Yet, when he married someone, she was crushed for months. She needed some counseling and homeopathic remedies to help her return to a normal life.

3. Abandonment, Forsaken Feelings, Helplessness.

These feelings arise from real or perceived abandonment. This can be related to a recent situation, or it can be related to an abandonment event from childhood. A child might be contaminated with abandonment issues because his or her parents were separated during the pregnancy. This also applies to people who might be homeless or have no resources. This definitely is a factor in the emotions of children of divorce with an absent parent. Some people were abandoned by parents who were alcoholics, ill, or worked all the time. Adopted people frequently suffer from this issue.

4. The Shock of Bad News.

What is the worst bad news you can think of? For some, it is the death of a family member. For others, it is the diagnosis of cancer or some other serious health problem. The shock of bad news can have dramatic effects, but this can be removed with homeopathy and with the simple techniques I will share later in this book.

5. Worry, Anticipation of Bad Things Happening, Performance Anxiety.

Some people have a mental habit of finding the worst in a situation. Some always look for the worst-case scenario. A minister at one of the churches I attended a few years back gave this good advice: “Pray the solution, not the problem.” People who can consciously take their minds off the bad and mentally play simulations of what they would rather have instead will soon create a new habit of looking for the best outcome.

6. Disappointment.

This can be a subtle emotion and is often cumulative from years of disappointment, usually from childhood. The child who is promised a trip to the ballpark, the dance, or the zoo but cannot go due to the parents’ other obligations will often lose trust in the parents as well as other authority figures and spouses. Other disappointments such as not winning a contest, not being given a role in a play, not being accepted into medical school, going through bankruptcy, or missing an opportunity are often devastating.

Now that you’ve read through this list of traumatic memories, stop reading and write your timeline if you have not already done so.

Go back to the preceding list as often as necessary. Use it to jog your memory, looking for emotional and physical events that might be stopping you from moving forward in your life.


Regardless of what method or technique we use, when it comes to removing old emotional obstacles from our past: We must learn to clean up our past. We must learn to take out the trash. We must clean the garage. We must reorganize the basement of our minds. We must defrag the hard drive of our subconscious minds. We must turn our fear into faith. We must change doubt into certainty.

Clarify your goals and desires

In this step, we will learn how to think about our desires and clarify them.  Our minds are creative. This does not mean that we are creative only in the areas of music, art, writing, poetry, and so on; it means that our minds literally have the ability to create our experience.  Write down with pen on paper, not with a computer, short-term goals in the following areas: family and relationships; occupation, job and career; recreation and fun; money, income, savings and retirement; and health and fitness.

• Family and relationships

Write goals for all relationships, not just romantic relationships. Think of children, parents, employers, customers, friends, the clerk in the store, and everyone who you deal with. For finding a partner write a list of 10 “must haves” and read and edit that occasionally. Be sure that you work on yourself to become the person on your “must have” list. When you do that, then you will have the correct vibrational frequency to attract the person who also has the qualities on your list.

• Occupation, job and career

Write goals for your career, doing something that you love to do. Describe the characteristic of the job or business. Inside or outside work? How many hours per day? Per week? With people or alone? Easy or challenging? Creative or routine? Different each day or the same each day? Regular or flexible schedule? Working days or nights? You get the idea.

• Recreation and fun

Write goals for your recreation and fun. Travel or stay at home? Outdoors or inside? Alone or with others? Adrenaline or relaxed? What things and toys are important to you?
• Money, income, savings and retirement
Write goals for your income, savings, and retirement as if you already have them. How much money do you make per year? How much do you save per paycheck? What are you doing during retirement? How much money do you give away? When? To whom? What is your monthly income when you are retired?

• Health and wellness

Write goals for your perfect health. What is your ideal body shape and size? What age are you when you pass away? What year will it be when you pass away? How much exercise are you doing? What kind of exercise are you doing? What is your nutrition like? What kind of natural medicines and supplements do you take to achieve perfect health?

Think correctly from the future

The third step is to think correctly from the future.
We have been told by the ancient masters how to think. But this technology of thinking correctly has not been taught in our schools and churches. So, most of us do not know the details of this final step.
Here is the third step to the formula: Each night, just before going to sleep, get comfortable, lie flat on your back, inhale and exhale three deep breaths, relax your body completely, and create a movie in your mind. In this mental movie, imagine whatever it is that you desire. And do this as if it were already completed and feel that you have been doing it for a while. Insert a feeling of gratitude and appreciation. Imagine shaking hands with someone. Imagine that you are being congratulated for what you have accomplished or that you are thanking someone for helping you achieve your desire.

After you go to sleep, your subconscious mind awakens and leaves your body. It goes out into the spiritual world of the subconscious mind to find ways to accomplish your desire. It locates the people, negotiates the deals, and creates the timing that will bring into existence your desire. After you do this, you might become aware of new ideas.

You might receive intuitions and guidance. You might meet someone who can help you. All these things nudge you in the direction of your desire until it becomes an accomplished fact. There is a time delay on this guidance as well as the manifestation of the desired outcome. How soon it happens is determined by how well you have cleaned up the limiting memories of those past events that affect that particular goal or desire.

Sometimes when you awaken, you will be surprised that what your desire has not already happened.
Here are some key concepts to understand before you begin:

• We only have now. The past does not exist. Only memories of our past exist. The only reality is now. When creating our desire, we must learn to think from the future as if it exists now or is already a memory of the past.

• Here is the sequence of events of how things happen. Our conscious mind comes up with ideas. Our subconscious mind is unable to judge right or wrong. It has no discernment. The subconscious mind does exactly what we ask it to do. It is like a loving spouse who will do anything we ask; however, it is not a slave or servant.

• The subconscious mind implements these ideas exactly as we present them. Manifestation of these ideas into reality depends on the strength and clarity of the thought. Remember, every thought is really two thoughts: The first part is our desire, and the second part is our fear that what we desire will not happen.

• Our thoughts need momentum to be implemented into reality. Spaced repetition adds to momentum. Remember when you were in love? How often did you think about your beloved?

What do we think about most of the time: our desires or our fears that we won’t get what we desire?

• Feelings associated with the thoughts are important for the momentum. The feeling “I am” is stronger than “I am going to.” And the feeling “I have done something” is stronger than “I am doing something.” The feeling of “already done” is much stronger than “doing it now.”

• Thinking from something is more effective than thinking about something. Thinking as if it is already completed is most important.

• A feeling of gratitude is a must. Gratitude always means that something is already completed; if it were not completed, we would not feel gratitude. Therefore, holding that feeling of gratitude greatly accelerates the creation process.

• You can measure positive or negative momentum by how you feel. Remember, every thought is really two thoughts: our desire and the fear of not obtaining that desire. What are you feeling: Goodness, happiness, gratitude, and abundance or fear, worry, and lack? I recall a saying, “God does not hear what you say, but what you feel.”


First, clean up the memories from the past. Make a timeline of your life. Write, read, and burn emotional release letters. Revise every event from your past that was not the way you wished it to be. 

Mentally forgive everyone who you think did something wrong to you. Forgive yourself for wronging others or for poor choices that you made when you did not know better. Use natural remedies to help clear your physical chemistry.

Second, clarify what you desire to be, do, and have in the areas of family, occupation, recreation, money, and health.
Third, just before sleep, create a mental movie, imagining your desire as if it were already done, and include a feeling of gratitude. Remember to shake hands with someone in your mental movie; this signifies congratulations on accomplishment or gratitude for their help.

That is all you need to do. That is the formula. It is so simple. Do it.


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