How to Earn Online Money from WarriorPlus and JVZoo

Online Digital Marketing is growing at a very good pace, in year 2019 Digital marketing growth was 20-25% more than the previous years.

More and more countries are going towards digital marketing.  Online portal, social media and artificial intelligence lead to the growth of digital marketing. 

For Digital marketing, you need to have the right digital product.  There are two websites for digital product that  are widely used across the globe and in the past 5-10 years these two websites have more than 2 million audiences.

These 2 products are,




We will look at both these products in detail, i.e the warriorplus affiliate program and JVzoo affiliate program.

WarriorPlus & JVZoo

WarriorPlus is a digital product platform for buying and selling products that are related to online business and passive income.  You will find digital products like eBook, online courses, software, applications and cloud products in this platform.

Many YouTube Influencer, Online Earner, Blogger, and digital marketer are using WarriorPlus to boost their business and sales.

JvZoo is also a digital marketing platform where one can find similar products which you see in WarriorPlus.  In addition to digital products, one can also find fitness and health products.  Jvzoo affiliate earnings are better than any other affiliate programs.

But how can you make money from these 2 platforms!

Both these products have a a very good affiliate program which gives a very good commission on each sale.  One can easily earn $100 in day, if he sells more than 2-3 products in a day.

Even if you are a beginner in affiliate marketing or an intermediate, you can easily start earning few dollars from WarriorPlus and JVZoo from day one.

Let us check out some of the features of these products.

How to promote your warriorPlus and JVZoo Affiliate products!

Well there are lot of ways and methods to promote your affiliate products.  The more you promote, the more you earn. 

But, promotion should be done in a very smart way.  It should reach out to maximum people and quality people.  Ensure that if it has reached to 100 people then at least 10 will take that product.

Do not use any paid method to promote unless and until you are planning to reach out to million people.

Let us see what are the different ways of promoting the affiliate products of WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

1. Create Your Own Website or Blog

The smartest and easiest way to promote your affiliate products is through blogs.  Write few articles of the products which should include features, reviews, bonus and the price.  The blog should be attractive enough to attract more customers.

Check out one of my website in which I write articles and blogs on new products listed in WarriorPlus and JVZoo.  I get a daily traffic of 2-3k and an average earning of $40-$50 per day.

It is not mandatory that you should use a paid domain for your blog, you can also try it on a free domain.  But, if you think the sales are increasing every month, it is always recommended to buy a paid domain and promote your products in that paid domain website.

Check out my article on how to write a perfect affiliate blog post which can earn a good amount of passive money.

2. Create YouTube Video of your Affiliate product

Affiliate Product Reviews on YouTube

The second best option is creating a YouTube Video of your affiliate products.  This method is being used by many youtubers across the globe.  One has to just create a YouTube video about the features and review of the products.  Your video can be a short video of 4-7 minutes.  Do not make it too short.

Either create a Power-point presentation and convert it into a video or use some screen recording software and give a detailed explanation of the products.

3. Promote on Social Media

Promotion on Twitter

Promote your affiliate products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Linkedin, Reddit, etc.  But, before promoting on social media, ensure you have a large audience base, if not then get yourself added in Facebook groups and promote in quality groups which has user base of more than 10k users.

If you want to earn quickly then you can go for Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Instagram Ads.  These are paid promotion which will cost you few dollars, but these are worth getting good traffic and sales.

If you want to know more about social media marketing, then click here.

4. Promote through email marketing

Email marketing promotion

This option is widely used in promoting and advertising a products, so you can apply the same in promoting affiliate products of WarriorPlus and JVZoo.

For email marketing, you will have to create your email id database, once the email id list is created, create a beautiful and attractive email that should be appealing and can convince the user to purchase the product.

Send out the mail to the users in the list which has the affiliate link.  You will definitely see a lot of traffic and sales.

At present both WarriorPlus and JVZoo are dominating the affiliate marketing.  The platforms are much better than other affiliate programs like Amazon, eBay and ClickBank.

The main reason why these two platforms are growing is because of digital products.  And, digital products on Online Earning and Passive Income.

Things to look out for!

Before you start your Affiliate Marketing of WarriorPlus and ZVZoo products, there are some factors which one should consider!  These are factors which will benefit your customers, your subscribers, and people who are planning to purchase your products.

Keep checking the dashboard of your affiliate sales.  The dashboard shows your daily earnings, daily sales and daily hops.

One can easily make more than $100 per day using WarriorPlus and JVZoo affiliate marketing.  I have tried it and there are close to 12k subscribers of my team who have started doing affiliate marketing these two platforms.

One last thing, be alert by keeping a close watch on jvzoo launch calendar.


How do I earn money from WarriorPlus?

WarriorsPlus is an affiliate marketing platform for two kinds of users,

  1. Vendors: People who have their own digital products and wanna sell it online. Hence they end up listing their products on places like WarriorPlus.
  2. Affiliates: People who don’t own any products online but are willing to promote someone else’s product/offer to earn a commission/make money out of it.

In this context, WarriorPlus is a connecting platform for both vendors and affiliates where both the users can indulge in an affiliate marketing program to make more sales.

In other words, we can call WarriorPlus as an affiliate marketplace (or) affiliate network where people can sign up for dozens of affiliate programs and later promote them for affiliate commissions.

How do you make money on JVzoo?

  1. A desire to make passive income by promoting other people’s products or services;
  2. Having an existing product to promote or sell as an affiliate;
  3. A smart phone or laptop; a working email and internet connection;
  4. And registering with JVzoo. Make Money With JVzoo.

What are the payment method in WarriorPlus?

When it comes to rewarding your hard-working affiliate partners, WarriorPlus supports both Stripe and the PayPal gateway. You can even designate specific affiliates who will receive their commission payments immediately via PayPal. This instant payment can help you attract and retain some of the best affiliate talent.

Is Warriorplus genuine?

Yes, Warriorplus is genuine.  There are thousands of affiliate marketers who are earning from Warriorplus.

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