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Earning from online Lotteries or Lotto, can someone really earn a big amount from these lottos?  The answer is yes!

Scam, fraud, fake and money-minting, these are some of the words which come in your mind, when you see a word like Lottery or a Lotto.  But, that is true.  

Even I was having the same perception, though it has changed now as I have won some money from some of the real and legit lottos, which I will discuss in detail.


Below are some of the famous and trending lottos across the globe.

All these lotteries, one can get in GiantLottos.


GiantLottos is an online lottery ticket carrier, it has all the essential features that a lottery site should have!

One can check the review of GiantLottos, it is one of the best lottery sites in recent years.  You can easily trust this legit website.  You can play a number of international lotteries on their site, even if you are based out in any country.  

GiantLottos will play the number you choose and if you win, the prize or the money will credit to your account, it is simple as that.


How to Start and Play?

Like any other website, you need to first sign up with GiantLottos.  Once you have logged in with your email id and password, you can refer to the “How to Play” guide.  It will just 2 minutes to familiarise yourself with the process.  That’s it you are ready to hit the jackpot which is waiting for you.

Now, you need to purchase the lottery tickets.  Before this, you need to deposit some money in your GiantLottos account so that the money can be used for your lottery tickets.  Once the tickets are purchased, you can play the lottery.  Do check the lottery draw time and the result day.

For future transactions, you can add your credit card details or your bank details so that the payment process becomes smooth.

Different Was to Play Giant Lottos?

Playing with Giant Lottos doesn’t just mean choosing from a wide variety of international lotteries, it means choosing from a range of game play options as well. Simply take a look at various alternatives available, and find the one that suits you and your pocket best:

  • Single Play – This is the game play option you’re more likely to be familiar with – a once-off purchase of a ticket for your chosen lottery’s upcoming draw.
  • Bulk Purchase – GiantLottos handy Bulk Purchase option gives you the opportunity to either purchase tickets for 5, 10 or 20 draws in advance, or to purchase tickets for the next 3, 6 or 12 months automatically. Simply select the Bulk Purchase option when buying your tickets, and you’ll never miss out on another draw again! 
  • Subscription – Don’t let life get in the way! Make sure you’re always in it to win it with our handy Subscription option – a game play alternative that allows you to subscribe to a monthly recurring debit for the ultimate in convenience. Simply subscribe to Giant Lottos and your tickets will be automatically purchased for you on a monthly basis, ensuring you’re always entered into your favourite lotto draws no matter where you are in the world. 
  • Syndicate Play – Looking to buy more tickets for less? Then you’re looking for our Syndicate option – a form of game play that allows you to purchase shares in tickets as part of a syndicate, and in turn share in any winnings that the syndicate might receive. Just as real-life syndicates are made up of groups of players purchasing tickets together, so too are Giant Lottos’ online syndicates made up of a group of lottery tickets purchased on a weekly basis for selected upcoming lottery draws. Each lottery syndicate is made up of 30 to 50 tickets, which are further divided into 10 shares, for a total of 300 – 500 shares available per draw. Simply purchase your chosen number of shares, and should your syndicate win a prize, you’ll be paid out according to the value of your contribution. What’s more, as you’ll be purchasing shares in tickets, rather than actual tickets themselves, your lottery purchases will be more affordable than ever! It’s the ideal way to play on a budget, and enjoy top winning action too!
  • Bundle Play – While playing the lottery is simple enough, sometimes selecting the right lottery at the right time can be tricky. That’s where our Bundle Play option comes in – giving you the opportunity to play a pre-selected set of top lottery games at the same time, for up to 4 weeks in advance! Simply choose from the four Bundle Play alternatives available, select the 2, 3, or 4 week advance play option. Playing and winning has never been easier!

How will I know If I have won a Lottery?

  1. As soon as your lottery draw has been verified by the relevant official lottery board, GiantLottos will immediately send you an email to tell you the good news.
  2. GiantLottos will then ensure your winnings are automatically credited to your account.
  3. Should you have won a prize of more than £500, the dedicated account manager will call you to pass on the news in person.
  4. And just in case you aren’t checking your email or answering your phone, GiantLottos will publish the full results of every lottery draw on their website, as soon as the results have been officially confirmed.

Is Payment 100% Guaranteed?

Absolutely! Giant Lottos has been in business for over 10 years, and is 100% Real and Legit. As long as you have the winning ticket, you’ll have the winnings as well – guaranteed.

Support and Helpdesk of GiantLottos

If you have any queries or concerns related to your lottery ticket, you can contact the customer service team which is available 9 am – 5 pm Monday to Friday.  There is also a live chat option available so that you can have a one to one support.

There is also an option to send an email, for which you will get a revert in 12 hours, provided it is sent on weekdays.

In worst-case scenarios, if you are unable to get answers to your queries via mail or chat, you can call GiantLottos on +44 (0) 20 8720 7448.

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