Websites and Apps that Pay you Instantly for Free

It is very difficult to find an app or a website that pays instantly, and which is 100% legit, safe, and secure.  Well, I have done a review of close to 40 websites and app, most of them were spammy and fake, but there are few of them which are worth installing and using.

These apps and websites which I will be disclosing in this blog will not make you rich or a millionaire, but you can earn a decent amount of earning daily.

Neither of these apps can replace your main source of earning, let me be very transparent.  But the amount which you earn from these websites can definitely be used to clear your daily small expenses.

So do not expect more than $100 or $1000 daily, but you can make at least $10 daily.  This means in a month you can earn $300, which is good enough, considering you have only invested 1-2 hours in a day using these websites and apps.

So, let us jump into these websites and apps which can change your life for free.  By the way, I have also written a blog on some of the best mobile earning apps, do check that.

1. Earnbly

Earnbly is a website or you can say a platform through which you can earn money in the form of Digital rewards and Gift Cards.

Earn instant rewards by completing tasks, watching videos, and taking surveys.   Share your unique referral link with your friends, family, and followers, and stand a chance of earning 10% of your referral earnings!

There are various ways through which this website pays, cash or money can be paid through Paypal, rewards can be through Amazon, Domino’s, Xbox, Facebook, airbnb, etc.

To sign up, click here.

The last and the most important thing about this website is the review.  On Trustpilot, this website has an excellent review of 4.6.


4.6 on TrustPilot

2. BuzzBreak

The second is an app, with the name BuzzBreak.  BuzzBreak is a lifestyle app that shows you all the popular content from the internet!

In this app, you can find all the interesting videos from the web, you can also enjoy the funny memes!  You can read world-breaking events as well.

BuzzBreak is one of the fastest-growing communities in the world!  More than 10 million users are already using this app.  Their official website is  

The best part of this app is, this app works both on iOS and Android, therefore it is readily available on Apple Play Store and Google Play Store.

So, how will you get paid.  You will get paid by reading articles and watching funny videos on this app.  Since there are more than 10 million users on this app, it has more than 560k reviews on Google play store and the rating is 4, which is really very good.

This means, it is worth installing this app and using it.

4 on Google Play Store


The third and the last website is, as the name suggest it is a survey website.  But, it is not like other survey sites which pay you less than $1, pays you $1 for completing each survey.

So how does works? and one will get paid?

After signing up with this website, you have to answer a few questions that will help to create a profile, once the profile is created, you will start getting surveys.  

Payment options are Paypal or through cryptocurrencies or through Amazon giftcard.  There is no limit on the rewards unless and until you have surveys available in your profile. 

On TrustPilot, this website is having an amazing review, rating of 4.6 with more than 7k reviews.

You can either sign up with your Facebook account, Google or Twitter account.

Surveytime also has an awesome Affiliate platform.  To register its affiliate platform, please click here.

4.6 on TrustPilot

You can use these apps and website during your spare time to earn few dollars.  I am again reiterating, don’t expect that you will become a millionaire and also do not think that this will replace your main source of earning. 

I have written few blogs on how to earn more than $100 a day, how to earn from Social Media, how to start affiliate marketing and how to start your career in Blogging, please do check out these blogs.

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