Vacancies in MIDHANI | Jobs in Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited | मिधानी में नौकरियाँ

Midhani, headquartered in Hyderabad, India, plays a pivotal role in advancing metallurgy, providing innovative solutions for diverse industries. With a commitment to quality, precision, and excellence, Midhani has secured its place as a leading metallurgical powerhouse.

Mishra Dhatu Nigam Limited was established as a public sector undertaking in 1973, with a mission to become a self-reliant organization in the field of high-technology alloys and materials. Over the years, it has successfully achieved this mission and has become a globally recognized name.

Current Mishra Dhatu Share Price is 398.10 INR.

midhani hyderabad corporate office
MIDHANI Corporate Office in Hyderabad

Midhani's Product Range | मिधानी की उत्पाद श्रृंखला

  1. Aerospace Alloys

One of Midhani’s primary focuses is producing materials for the aerospace industry. They manufacture high-strength alloys for aircraft components, ensuring the safety and reliability of air travel.

  1. Defense Materials

Midhani provides critical materials to India’s defense sector, including armor materials, ballistic protection, and various components for military applications.

  1. Nuclear Materials

The organization plays a vital role in India’s nuclear program by developing materials that withstand extreme conditions, such as those in nuclear reactors and fuel assemblies.

  1. Space Alloys

Midhani’s expertise extends to the space sector, where they contribute to satellite and rocket manufacturing, ensuring the success of space missions.

Research and Development

Midhani invests heavily in research and development to stay at the forefront of metallurgical advancements. Their state-of-the-art laboratories and dedicated researchers constantly push the boundaries of what is possible in material science.

Quality Assurance

The organization’s commitment to quality is unwavering. They follow strict quality control procedures to ensure that their products meet international standards and customer expectations.

midhani rohtak plant
MIDHANI rohtak plant

Global Reach

Midhani’s products are not limited to India; they are exported to countries around the world. This global reach is a testament to the quality and reliability of their materials.

Midhani’s Impact on Aerospace Industry

Midhani’s contribution to the aerospace industry has been monumental. Their alloys have been used in aircraft, ensuring passenger safety and the efficiency of flights.

Midhani’s Contribution to National Security

With their focus on defense materials, Midhani has played a significant role in strengthening India’s national security.

Nuclear Energy Advancements

Midhani’s materials enable the safe and efficient production of nuclear energy, contributing to India’s energy needs and reducing its carbon footprint.

Space Exploration with Midhani

The organization’s role in the space sector is crucial, with their materials being used in satellites and launch vehicles, propelling India’s space program to new heights.

Environmental Responsibility

Midhani is conscious of its environmental impact and takes measures to minimize its carbon footprint and reduce waste in its processes.

midhani training
MIDHANI Recruitment

Job Openings in MIDHANI |मिधानी में नौकरी के उद्घाटन

Post Name – Junior Operative Trainee (JOT) – Fitter.

Wage Group – WG-2

CTC Per anum (approx.) Rs. in lakhs – 4.7

Upper age limit – 30

Post Name – Junior Operative Trainee (JOT) – Welder.

Wage Group – WG-2

CTC Per anum (approx.) Rs. in lakhs – 4.7

Upper age limit – 30

Post Name – Junior Operative Trainee (JOT) – Electrician.

Wage Group – WG-2

CTC Per anum (approx.) Rs. in lakhs – 4.7

Upper age limit – 30

Post Name – Senior Operative Trainee (SOT) – Metallurgy.

Wage Group – WG-4

CTC Per anum (approx.) Rs. in lakhs – 5.1

Upper age limit – 35

Post Name – Senior Operative Trainee (SOT) – Mechanical.

Wage Group – WG-4

CTC Per anum (approx.) Rs. in lakhs – 5.1

Upper age limit – 35

Post Name – Senior Operative Trainee (SOT) – Electrical.

Wage Group – WG-4

CTC Per anum (approx.) Rs. in lakhs – 5.1

Upper age limit – 35

Selection Process

Criteria for selection      |     Maximum Marks

Written Test                      100 reckoned to 85 marks.

Qualification                    15

Trade Test                         Pass / Fail

Total                                100 marks

Written test – 100 marks with 90 minutes time and non negative marking.

Qualification – 10 marks for minimum educational qualification and 2 marks for every additional relevant qualification subject to maximum of 15 marks.

Candidates shortlisted based on the initial screening of applications will be called for written test.  Candidates qualified / shortlisted in the written test will be called for Skill / Trade test.  Date, time and venue of the selection process will be intimated to the shortlisted / eligible candidates through E-mail / MIDHANI Website only.

Candidates called for selection process are required to bring the certificates in proof of qualification, age, category, emploment exchange registration card etc. and two passport size recent colour photographs.

General Conditions

How to Apply in MIDHANI | मिधानि में आवेदन कैसे करें

  1. Interested and eligible candidates can visit the MIDHANI>careers->E-Recruitment and then read carefully the eligibility criteria and the instructions to apply online.
  2. Application should be submitted strictly “ONLINE” by logging on to MIDHANI website.  The website will be kept open between 1000 Hrs. on 18.10.2023 till 1700 Hrs. on 01.11.2023.
  3. Candidates are required to possess a valid email id and contact mobile phone number.
  4. Candidates have to make a payment of Rs. 100/- towards application fee through online payment using the debit card / credit card / net banking.  Candidates belonging to SC/ST/PWD/ESM category are not required to pay the application fee.
  5. After successful submission of online application, the candidates can take printout of the submitted application and keep it for future reference.  “Candidates need not send the hard copy“.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What does Midhani specialize in?

    Midhani specializes in developing high-performance alloys and materials for aerospace, defense, nuclear, and space industries.

  2. Where is Midhani headquartered?

    Midhani is headquartered in Hyderabad, India.

  3. What is the significance of Midhani in the aerospace industry?

    Midhani’s alloys are crucial for ensuring the safety and efficiency of aircraft.

  4. How does Midhani contribute to national security?

    Midhani provides defense materials, including armor materials and components for military applications.

  5. What is the future outlook for Midhani?

    With a focus on innovation, Midhani is well-prepared to meet the evolving demands of various industries and continue its global leadership in metallurgy.

  6. What is Misha Dhatu Nigam Share Price?

          Mishra Dhatu Share price is 398.10 INR.

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